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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Yup, Hesitate / Fear Disease psychology in forex trading is the hardest part in the trade Part 3

Diseases number 3- Not sure / Hesitate / Fear
Part 3

These psychological problems the same result: 
A late entry at a time or even lost profit opportunity. 

  • True We must be cautious in your trading. 
  • But be careful not to say frightened. Both had the same result. 

When you take a position Buy or Sell at the same time overdue then consequently the price may turn from the trend that had we predicted and of course the loss occurred. To be a brave but remain cautious indeed not a simple matter. You need to be able to be as it is to master what you're traded.  

Here there is a simple story that can provide a similar analogy: 

In a village there was a drought which resulted in all the plants in the fields of dying. A major river in the village no longer drain enough water for the farm population. As a result of poverty engulfing the entire population of the village. 

The local village adviser said the cause of the drought is the closing of the flow of water upstream by a large tree that uprooted and block the flow of water. The problem upstream covered by dense forest and never be passed by the village residents.  

Well, now they have two options, namely to remain in their poverty or go into the river upstream to reopen the water flow is blocked by large trees were uprooted. 

If they want to get into upstream surely they must defeat their fear and begin to learn how the condition of the forest. Maybe that means meeting with a wild animal that they had never experienced. Or it may be lost and can not return home. 

It would be very beneficial if there was someone who never go into the woods and recognize the way that they had never been through there to lead them out of the forest and cleared the trees that block the flow of the river to their village.  Or if not, they will remain poor because they were unable to overcome their fears.  

Moral of this story is do not stay in the village. Umm... mean I do not live in fear. It is better to go into the forest and settle the existing problems despite having to deal with wild beasts in the forest. Forex is like a jungle for most people. But that does not mean we should be afraid to face it. Especially when you meet that price movements are often so wildly out of control

  • Do not be afraid! With the ability to analyze your face and remember not We have learned so much analysis and rescue techniques on the funds we have for preventing the bad possibilities that might happen  And the good news there is we as a coach you not   We can still see and be free to enter buy / sell GBPUSD or otherwise gain profit from there. Even if we never experience loss when trading (I ever) does not mean we become afraid.  
  • The only way to escape from the fear we are recognizing how the characteristics of the market and are able to predict market movements correctly. The more often your prediction is valid, the greater the courage to take action to Buy and Sell. I still remember my first days of trading. 
  • At that time I was experiencing tremendous stress due to not only the position I am opposed to the direction of price movement but also because I traded funds instead of money I own! But in order to become a successful trader, I struggled to keep the analysis I think until a few hours later it turns out I was correct analysis.  
  • Some situations require the courage to open and close positions. For example, when news occurs and the price moves quickly. 
  • While such that we are required to actually enter or exit swiftly and without hesitation (sometimes a time like this can be really stressful for Us). 
Following these simple tips to beat your fears: 

  1. · Fear happen if we really do not know what will happen to the price. Sharpen your analytical skills.  
  2. · Think simple. Sometimes simplicity is actually useful.  Do not over-analysis.  
  3. · Do not regret what has happened. Even if the decisions that you take the loss. Learn where the shortcomings resulting in the loss fix and start again. 
  4. · Do not be too often see chart if you are not able to control yourself. Fear will be even greater if the position and the continuous negative We see it.  
  5. · Remember to put Stop Loss. 
Oh yes before the end of this discussion, it should also be delivered to you overcome your fear of using a forex platform. That is, act cautiously and not nervous when we trade. Many events experienced forex beginner when he plays one of them is one click when trading. Now do not let this happen to you. 
  • Cases that often arises is the fault clicking the Buy or Sell. Nothing was going to open up even terpencet Buy Sell button and vice versa. Consequently yes loss and messy. 
  • This may happen due to the trader so groginya face of market movements. 
  • I also personally been there in the first years of my trading. 
  • Twice even he ... he ... he. Now lest I followed the trail, I convey this warning. 
  • If it had already happened when you trade, immediately close the position is wrong clicks even though the risk is we experienced a loss because of the spread and the transaction costs. The calculated loss is paid for our carelessness. Ok!