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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Yup, Revenge Disease psychology in forex trading is the hardest part in the trade Part 2

Diseases number 2- Revenge

Well they ever get caught up in greed when their profits will typically experience a loss in trading their next-trading. 
Part 2

Up here if they are not willing to "repent" also it usually will continue into the next psychological problems called revenge.

Those affected by the syndrome of revenge against the market usually have thought this way:
  1. "Whatever happens, I am a turnover important advance.
  2. "Instead of a turnover, which occurs next is an even greater loss.
  • Why  Cause they are already exposed to thoughts of revenge like this always think to reach the BEP (break-even point) in the shortest possible time (and tempo careful -  such proclamation only).
The result is the opening position somewhat forced though market conditions are not favorable. Ends so what else if not a loss   Remember that we can not regulate the market but it is we who must follow market movements.
  • Market has always been very good friends for those who are able to follow the movement. Conversely market into a cruel enemy when we opposite to the direction of motion. 
  • Then what should we do if in the first months we trade there is loss  What is clear revenge is not the answer.
  • The best thing we can do when we experience loss is re-review the trading system and everything we own shortcomings.
  • Whether the analysis we are still not accurate  Or whether mental siao We have not yet  Even if we still find many obstacles here and there when the real trading account, do not feel embarrassed to return to the demo.
  • But come back with a clear plan. What we want to do in the demo  Well this should be answered. 

The following brief tips that might help you avoid the syndrome of revenge against market: 

· The first action when a loss: 
  1. Prohibited * heartbreak and learn where the shortcomings and mistakes.  
  2. Be patient when the loss is just as quiet as profit. 
  3. Wait for the best opportunity to re-enter the market.
  4. If in the first trading should we loss the next trading more cautious again rather than revenge.
  5. If your loss is quite large, it is wise to stop trading temporarily until you are completely recovered mentally and can trade back with a cool head.
  6. Think about it: 
Is not it has been since the beginning of this forex We allocate funds as risk capital  This means that if even completely disappear We are ready.

  7. Be consistent with the decisions that we take.