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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

TODAY NEWS 03 November 2015

  • Why Inflation is ridiculously low ? or this is just some trick by governments?
Saudi Arabia fiscal position weakening, but still strong
Oil prices making an impact

  • On Friday, S&P downgraded credit rating and citing a pronounced negative swing in the fiscal balance sheet.   Today, Moody's said that the Saudi government has cut back on expenditures, and that without such budget cuts and/or non-oil revenue increases, the Kingdom's creditworthiness will be affected.  The rating agency added that volatile oil prices continue to when the government's balance sheet and that they see a deficit of 17% of GDP. 
  • In 2013, there was a large surplus of 7% of GDP but with oil prices quickly retreating, that surplus is being eroded quickly.  
  • The IMF warned recently that the oil rich countries of the middle east will run out of cash in 5 years or less will save from $50 a barrel.  Saudi Arabia derives 80% of revenue from oil.  
  • To combat a shortfall of cash, S&P believes that Saudi Arabia will need to rely on more debt and draw down it's stockpile of cash from it's sovereign wealth fund. This could have a knock on effect of lowering demand for other assets around the world. 

China Tells Eager Parents to Hold Off on the Baby-Making for Now

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Nissan Raises Full-Year Profit Forecast as Demand Rises in U.S.

Oil Guru Who Called 2014 Rout Sees OPEC Production on Hold

China Slide Toward Debt-Deflation Trap Needs 5-Year Plan Fix

Russian Plane's Midair Breakup a Puzzle in Modern Jet Era

Jeep Sales Keep Soaring as Shoppers Dismiss Poor Quality Ratings

Modi Fires Back at Critics Who Say Intolerance Rising in India

FBI Takes a Bullet in Banks' $50 Billion Fee War With Retailers

  • The FBI got its own wake-up call from the financial industry. The next day, bank lobbyists took credit for getting the alert taken down after telling the bureau it contained many inaccuracies.
  • “We did have a conversation with the bureau," said the American Bankers Association’s cyber-security expert, Doug Johnson. “Our main concern, frankly, was the characterization of PIN."

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