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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Forex : Strength Defeat Safe Haven Dollar European Session March 21 From Visible

     Monitor the movement of the U.S dollar in forex market trading session of the first day of this week's European (21/03) managed to strengthen against major rivals such as the euro, pound, and some commodities exchange. From the Aussie exchange rate only commodities that managed to defeat the dollar after weakening in early trading.
  • The dollar weakened against the safe haven yen due to lower crude oil prices continued on the weekend, but it appears that Brent oil prices had gained the European session and thus potentially reinforcing the sentiment will remove this safe haven. Observed this afternoon strength of the yen against the dollar also began to decrease.
  • For the strengthening of the dollar against the pound, pelemahnya sentiment is still the same as the previous trading sentiment triggered by the British political conditions that are less conducive to impromptu cabinet reshuffle after the British prime minister last week after the resignation of senior ministers. While the quiet movement of the euro triggered by Japan's trade her off into a share of European financial markets.
  • But fundamentally this evening U.S dollar strength overshadowed by the release of existing home sales data is the concern showed negative data from previous data. So as to inhibit the rate of the dollar this afternoon.

      The dollar index, which measures the strength of the U.S dollar against major rivals managed to get his strength back after early trading was disappointing. For the latest movements in the spot market, the dollar index gaining 0.1% after it opened at 95.11 and is now trading around 95.22.