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Friday, 20 November 2015

TODAY NEWS : Global Market Responds Positively Results FOMC minutes

Global Market Responds Positively Results FOMC minutes
APEC 2015
  • Begin trading this morning, we reported Stocks closed up on trading this morning with investors digested the results of the FOMC minutes showed most members of the Fed approved a US rate hike in December.
  • Dow Jones closed up 1.42 percent at 17,737.1, with the rise in Apple shares. S & P 500 ended up 1.62 percent, at 2,083.58, with the increase in all sectors, led by health care.
  • The Nasdaq rose 1.79 percent, to 5,075.2, with shares of iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB) rose 2.92 percent. 
  • Meanwhile, Asian stocks opened higher after the market reacted positively to the results of the FOMC minutes which made possible rise in US interest rates in December.
  • This morning the Nikkei rose 1.05% at 19855.23, the Kospi rose 0.68% at 1976.30, observed ASX 200 was up 1.15% at 5192.00. 
  • Of the commodity markets, spot gold price of LLG at the end of trading early this morning closed up 0.05 percent at 1,070.56 dollars per troy ounce, after the market reacted to the minutes of the US Federal Reserve meeting which gave mixed signals about the possibility of a rate hike in December.
  • While the price of oil futures for WTI December contract closed up 0.20%, to 40.75 dollars per barrel after the results of the FOMC minutes showed the majority of the committee believes appropriate rate of interest will rise in December, but also disputed evidence of the long-term potential of the US economy may be weak. 
  • Of the foreign exchange market, the US Dollar was up against the yen, after the release of the FOMC strengthen US rate hike in December. EURUSD climbed 0:16%, at 1.0658. GBPUSD rose 12:15% at 1.5233. USDJPY rose 12:15%, at 123.62. 
  • Of the Indonesian capital market, the Composite Stock Price Index at the close of trading on Wednesday (18/11) corrected negative, edged down 0.07% at 4497.91. JCI weakening weakness triggered exchanges Asia currently dominated by the close of trading this afternoon weakening.
  • The major indices such as the main area of ​​the Hang Seng index in Hong Kong stock exchange, the Kospi in South Korea exchange, the Shanghai index in China exchanges natural attenuation. Similarly, when the opening of European markets this afternoon decline.
  • Weakening global stock market sentiment related to the persistence of investor caution towards global geopolitical conditions after acts of terror in Paris on Friday.

  • Technically there is support for JCI to further trade, estimated to be in the range of support 4649-4823 and 4847-4696 resistant. Stocks that are interesting to observe today: SMGR, SCMA, BBCA and ADHI.
  • Fed’s rate hike likely next year
  • Several FOMC members raised nonstandard reasons for rate hike in December. Analysts suspect pushing the hike into 2016 may increase uncertainty in financial markets.
  • Members are also seemed to differ over the possibility of inflation level returning to the target level of 2%, and they assume the performance of labor market is not sustainable. They believe that the PCE inflation will remain below 2% through the end of 2016.
  • The ongoing global financial and economic developments also drew FOMC's attention. Most of the participants argue the downside risks arising from abroad seem to ease economy is secure now.
  • "We believe that divisions within the committee and the soft path of inflation we expect early next year will lead to a lower policy path in 2016 than the committee expects; we forecast it will hike only three times in 2016", say Barclays.
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Fed Minutes Make a December Liftoff Look More Likely

The hawks are in and the doves are out. At least for the moment. Warning about risks to the labor market, skeptical about the eventual rise of inflation and nervous about global growth, Federal Reserve policy makers who are keen to delay an interest rate hike found themselves out of step with a majority of their colleagues at the Oct. 27-28 meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, minutes released Wednesday in Washington showed. “The doves lost,” said Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial Holdings Inc. in Chicago. And that defeat came, she added, before the release of a better-than-expected October jobs report that provided more evidence of an economy on solid ground.

Exchange Asia Stronger, Expect The Fed's decision would then Gradual

Asian stock markets on Thursday opened higher this morning following the Wall Street by investors' expectations that the Federal Reserve is quite confident about the American economy to raise interest rates in December, but will be very careful in further monetary tightening. Markets interpreted that periods of rising interest rates that will come will be executed in stages. The possibility of higher interest rates in the United States, the first in almost a decade, has made the mighty US dollar and the price of some commodities under pressure.

Inspiration Wall Street Strengthens Opening Hang Seng Index

The opening of trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange on Thursday (19/11), the Hang Seng index opened positive 1.50%, observed today still gained 266.06 points, down 1.20% at 22454.32. Positive results inspired a stronger Wall Street at the close of trading this morning.

2 Private Institutions Economic Survey of Australia Improved

Asutralia RBA outlook on the economy growing so that no change in the benchmark rate is evidenced by the survey two different private institutions, namely the Conference Board and the Westpac Bank. Both the agency today released leading economic index which indicates a positive movement of the instruments that sustain the economic growth of the country.

Promising work in South Korea, Tens of Thousands Unemployment Decreases

Employment growth in South Korea in October compared with the previous year increased by much of the past 5 months, although in the many who quit his job. Statistical Office of South Korea also announced unemployment in the country decreased slightly.

Stock Rally Australia and Japan Provide Encouragement opening Kospi Index

In early trading South Korean stock exchange on Thursday (19/11), positive opening Kospi Index rose 0.68% at 1976.30. JCI driven rally on the stock exchanges of Australia and Japan, as well as the positive Wall Street.

US Dollar Asian Session 19 November Still Weak, Strong Rebound Potential

Minutes from the FOMC meeting late last month have been released before dawn depicting global readiness to plan the Fed will raise its benchmark interest rate and agreed upon by the majority of bankers who gathered last October.

Asian Stocks Gain With Oil as Dollar Falls on Dovish Fed Minutes

Stocks rallied across Asia after U.S. Federal Reserve meeting minutes reaffirmed policy makers’ faith in the world’s biggest economy and stressed the pace of any rate increases will be slow. The dollar fell, while precious metals and oil climbed. A measure of regional equities gained 1.4 percent as of 12:35 p.m. in Tokyo after the Fed’s minutes spurred a surge in U.S. equities, with officials saying “it may well become appropriate” to raise rates in December and largely agreeing that the pace of tightening would be gradual. Japan’s currency rallied from a three-month low as the central bank made no change in its monetary policy as expected. “The pace of the rise is what’s much more important than the rate rise itself,” said Angus Gluskie, a managing director who oversees $550 million at White Funds Management in Sydney. “If a rise occurs slowly then markets, investors and consumers all have time to respond to it and adjust accordingly. That’s the ideal circumstance and that’s certainly what the Fed is trying to achieve.”

  • Oil rallied from the lowest level in more than two months, gaining 0.5 percent to $40.96 per barrel in New York. U.S. inventories rose by 252,000 barrels last week, keeping supplies more than 100 million barrels above the five-year seasonal average, according to the Energy Information Administration. OPEC is confident the market will stabilize itself, Suhail Al Mazrouei, the energy minister of the United Arab Emirates, said in Dubai.
  • Palladium gained 1.1 percent, platinum rose 0.9 percent while gold rose 0.5 percent after tumbling to $1,064.55 an ounce on Wednesday, the lowest since February 2010.
  • “Gold is caught up in the narrative around Fed tightening, which the market has almost completely priced in right now,” said Jordan Eliseo, chief economist at trader Australian Bullion Co. in Sydney. Gold is due for a bounce after falling almost continuously since mid-October, he said.
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    Police Fire Water Cannon on Protesters Near APEC in Manila

    Police armed with riot shields fired water cannon and scuffled on Thursday with demonstrators in the Philippine capital, less than a kilometer from where Asia-Pacific leaders were meeting.

    Push Oil Prices Rebound Rubber Price Tocom Up

    Tocom rubber prices on Thursday morning (19/11) managed to increase. The price of natural rubber futures for the most active contract, namely April 2016 turned the rebound pushed crude oil prices. The increase in rubber prices rebound today pushed crude oil prices at the close of this morning. WTI oil futures prices for December contract closed up 0.20%, to 40.75 dollars per barrel after the results of the FOMC minutes showed the majority of the committee believes appropriate rate of interest will rise in December, but also disputed evidence of the potential for long-term US economic might weak.